MOSEY Costa Mesa, CA




Mosey is the most recent in an ever growing list of musical efforts put forth by Dan Pawlovich. Even before he ever picked up an instrument, Dan can recall having a fascination with musical timing, melodies, arrangements and lyrics. It would grow into an unstoppable passion for creativity across all aspects of music, and beyond.

He's performed with such bands as Illinois, Valencia, and he is currently the drummer for Panic! At The Disco. He's extremely proud of those accomplishments, and works to honor and build upon them every day. 

Dan teamed up with Know Hope Records to reissue Mosey's debut album, The Way We Remember It on vinyl, which was released on October 14, 2016. From the very beginning, he simply set out to create a collection of songs that could walk and talk for themselves. From such a slow and steady approach, Mosey derived it's name.

Whether writing, producing, mixing or performing, Dan has a relentless desire to communicate through music. So, stay close for more...