selfhelpme is the blues-folk solo project from guitarist, JD Perry.

JD first set foot into the music industry as the guitarist of Valencia, the Philadelphia-based pop-punk band who has released three records from 2004 - 2011; two on I-Surrender Records and one on Columbia Records. In the years after Valencia, JD experienced a journey of self-discovery through self-awareness, which lends to his stage-name, selfhelpme. In 2014, he began to compose his own music on top of contributing to other music projects (Mosey, James Kelley Band, Kelley Plante). Under the name Morockan Music, he released his first demo's in Spring 2014 and his first EP in January 2015, and in June of 2015 he released his second EP under JD Perry. While he has seen much growth in one year of songwriting on his own, he knew there was a much greater potential and sound to be unlocked within his music. Fortunately for JD, his lifelong friend Shawn Dorsey knew this, too, and approached JD in December 2015 to join forces to create Know Hope Records and provide a platform for JD to release his music amidst a budding music community.

The name selfhelpme can be best described as this: "self, help me." It is a true representation of JD's path, his mindset, and his music. 

selfhelpme's KHR debut album the road was released on 06.03.2016

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