MAS MALO Los Angeles, CA


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Sebastian Egurvide - Vocals
Bryan Thanh - Guitar/Vocals
Anthony Covarrubias - Guitar
Jesse Cuevas - Bass
Alonzo Iniguez - Drums

The names and previous projects of the members of Mas Malo will surely be familiar to many people. When they first hear Mas Malo, though, it will be almost certainly be a new experience.

The music world can be a massive place with bands and artists of all sizes and sonic persuasions. The world of independent touring musicians can be as equally a small world, forming tight-knit connections and lasting friendships. The formation of Los Angeles based band Mas Malo is a result of the latter. The group formed initially with friends Bryan Thanh (Post Season) and Alonzo Iniguez (World War, Truce, Vain and Valor) getting together after Thanh moved to Los Angeles. Not long after, the new project really became to take shape, as Sebastian Egurvide (Such A Mess) joined the mix, followed by Anthony Covarrubias (Seditionist) and Jesse Cuevas (World War).

Although its members have extensive experience in the worlds of pop-punk, post-rock and hardcore, Mas Malo was ultimately born out of a desire for the group to do something different and explore the boundaries of mixing genres and styles. While in many ways you’ll find familiarity, the experience is sure to be completely new. That is the essence of Mas Malo.

The group’s debut EP will be released via Know Hope Records in the spring of 2019.