Triangle Shirt Factory // selfhelpme - Split 7" due out on 8/19!

Know Hope Records is proud to announce a split 7" featuring Triangle Shirt Factory and selfhelpme. The 7" will be released on August 19th, and you can pre-order it HERE now!

Trevor Leonard (Triangle Shirt Factory) and JD Perry (selfhelpme) have long and intertwined history. As Greater Philadelphia natives, both thrived as vital members of the area's punk rock scene since the late nineties. Trevor started the melodic space punk band Procession Came Opposite and is an active member of the folk-rock trio The End of America and rock outfit Punchline, and JD is a founding member of the iconic pop-punk group Valencia.

The split 7" has long been a staple in the punk rock community. This one, in particular, celebrates two artists who have used their musical roots to delve into new territories. With Triangle Shirt Factory, Leonards blends Americana, rock and reggae to create an unparalleled folk style. By channeling an emotionally charged fusion of blues, folk and rock, Perry crafts a poetic pairing of the beautiful and dark via selfhelpme. This split represents where the two artists have been and where they are, while offering a glimpse of where they're going. 

To celebrate the split's debut, Triangle Shirt Factory and selfhelpme will be playing a release show August 23, 2016 at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia. You can get tickets here!


Shawn Dorsey