Solidarity in Sound: A Compilation to Benefit the ACLU

Dear Friends, 

Know Hope Records was started by Shawn and JD in late 2015 because of our shared passion for music, art, friendship and community. Roughly a year and a half later, those commonalities have only strengthened. All of us at KHR love what we do, and a huge part of that is being able to be part of a community that not only shares our passion for music and the arts, but also is one of inclusiveness and acceptance. The shared passion, inclusiveness, acceptance, social responsibility, etc. of the music community has had a significant impact on our lives, and we are all proud members of this great community.  

Many bands, artists, labels, etc. have stood up and fought for the inclusiveness, acceptance, and social responsibility that our community stands for by donating the proceeds of their music, merch, and shows to amazing organizations who fight on behalf of the people that are being affected during these trying times. Know Hope Records is proud to join that fight.  

On March 31, 2017, we will be releasing “Solidarity in Sound: A Compilation to Benefit the ACLU.” This compilation album features songs from 21 different artists/bands, including almost all of the KHR roster, as well as many friends. It will be released exclusively on the Know Hope Records Bandcamp page for “Pay-What-You-Want,” and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. Many of the songs are either brand new or previously unreleased. Bands/Artists include:

“Solidarity in Sound: A Compilation to Benefit the ACLU” will be available on March 31, 2017. We hope you’ll join us in this fight by enjoying this compilation.

Special thanks to Jesse Cannon, Vince Ratti, and Alex Saddic who donated time mixing and mastering tracks for this compilation. 


Shawn Dorsey