POR announces final show


Shane Henderson has announced that Promise of Redemption will play their final show on January 10, 2020 at The Foundry in Philadelphia. This certainly will not be the last that you hear from Shane, but he has decided to retire the POR project after fifteen years to focus on a new musical direction.

From Shane:

It feels incredibly strange to write, let alone consider the concept, but after a long internal struggle with this debate I have decided to retire my project Promise of Redemption and the platform with which I’ve been playing shows live. This project started for me as an outlet to try new things with songwriting. It quickly progressed to a type of musical therapy that saved my life when I was writing and recording WTFB, and from there it became a safe space for me to write, perform, and grow with my own music. I’ll forever be grateful for the good times and wonderful people I met / worked along side of while doing this. The personal growth and healing this project and collection of tunes has brought me is truly astonishing when I look back on it all. I have an overwhelming amount of love for the people that consistently showed up to support this project. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You kept me / it going.

With that said, I’ll be doing one last show to celebrate the past on January 10th at The Foundry. Personally, it will be tough to say goodbye, so it would truly be appreciated if you would come out one last time to help me say goodbye the right way. I appreciate you all so much, and am so thankful for any love you have shared with me or my musical compadres throughout the years. It has literally kept me going in so many ways. The music will live on via digital platforms and will always be there for you if you want it.

While it's certainly the end of an old chapter and I’m laying these songs to rest, it’s not quite the end for me musically yet, just the the start of something new .

Tickets go on sale Friday, August 16th via LiveNation.

Shawn Dorsey