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Music has always been a part of Shane Henderson’s life. Growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Shane was heavily influenced by a diverse range of artists, everything from Springsteen to Hot Water Music to Jimmy Eat World. All of this influences played heavy on Shane’s music, and ultimately stood out during his time as the front man for the Philadelphia pop-punk group Valencia. Over the course of eight years, Shane recorded and released three albums with Valencia (I Surrender Records, Columbia Records) and stole the hearts of thousands.

Promise of Redemption began as a side project of Shane: a creative outlet separate from Valencia. Sonically, POR has always shown a softer side of Shane, while still lyrically capturing raw emotion and being relatable, as well as encompassing his wide variety of influences. Shane has released two full length albums under Promise of Redemption: 2004’s The Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade (Pacific Ridge Records) and 2008’s When The Flowers Bloom… (I Surrender Records). While Shane showed considerable growth with POR, with Valencia at the height of its popularity, POR was ultimately put on the back burner.

When Valencia went on indefinite hiatus in 2012, Shane wasn’t done. Armed with a collection of new material, Shane self-released an EP, Control, in 2013 under the moniker Shane Henderson and The Future Perfect. Self-described as a “cross between Tom Petty and Hot Water Music,” AbsolutePunk said “the quality guitar work, melodic intricacies, the crisp percussion, and all the other details make Control an essential listen.”

Three years after his last released, Shane decided to revive Promise of Redemption. With Where You Ought To Be, which was released on July 22, 2016 on Know Hope Records, Shane combines his classic style, while also incorporating new influences and detailing the ups and downs of navigating through the journey of life.

Shane, a native of Philadelphia, PA, now calls San Diego, CA home. In addition to POR, he also works as a producer and sound engineer, as well as an artist for Downwrite, a service where music lovers can connect with their favorite artists to have custom songs written for them.